1.19ct $75

Checkered blues and greens in a true black opal, color in all viewing directions

6.6ct $350

Intense feathered greens and blues, unique cut, color in all directions

0.9ct $250

Incredible green flash from many angles

2.84ct $45

rolling green, purple and blue checkered color pattern, all angles

3.69ct $350

Rare red and yellow band running through intense blue green curved sheets of color, lovely shape

4.3ct $350

perfect flashes of rich blue and green, solid crystal opal, black painted back

4.76ct $275

Milky red orange green flash, rare color

2.57ct $40

1.35ct $300

one side red yellow the other blue green, super rare piece. intense color from all directions

1.92ct $75

flashing green and blue on a solid sand (white) back

1.32ct $175

red green blue and gold sheet flashes from various angles

A note on our lightning ridge opal

All gems are natural and solid, no doublets or triplets. Many gemstones will have "naturals" on their bottoms. Lightning ridge opal is so rare and valuable that as the cutter I choose to leave these "naturals" as they do not effect the face up beauty of the stone. All rock deco stones are always bezel friendly with consistant angles for proper bezel setting. Our polishes are legendary and are shapes are very unique.

Blue smeared color on a black back, nice shape

1.6ct $90

11mm x 9mm x 2.5mm

fantastic color in all directions, a few small sand pits makes this a steal

2.32ct $55

a curl of green and blue through grey potch, soft trapazoid shape


9.77ct $70

purple flashes in grey webbing, big broad piece, but still light weight.

3.24ct $60

nice green rolling flash with grey potch, cool inside cuts.

1.17ct $85

subtle red green and blue in grey potch, face up parallelogram

1.73ct $400

0.5ct $50

Intense green and blue color in all positions

0.52ct $40

Blue green swirls

0.57ct $40

Crazy sheet and line fire in blue and green

4.12ct Total $250

Rare All colors swirling about in grey potch

0.65ct $90

Fantastic Red and Orange fire

0.87ct $90

Red and orange, blue and green in black potch

Dramatic Color Change Solid Opal